Peter the Great


Where is Kronstadt?

Here, a small island off the Russian coast, where the River Neva meets the Gulf of Finland near the city of St Petersburg. The tiny islet you see surrounding it are manmade forts protecting the big fortress, which in turn protects the city.

This is Kronstadt in 1887

and the arrow shows the site of our project in Kronstadt.

Kronstadt today –

The arrow shows our site again, but as you can see some new things have been added since 1887, as well as many blocks of flats and the splendid Naval Cathedral (completed 1913). However many of the features of two centuries ago such as the harbour, parks, the canals and basins, are still there and dominate the island’s landscape.

one of the sea forts

Fort Konstantin

The Naval Academy today

the Cathedral

all photos by Gillian McIver

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